Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Mini-Backpack, Round Two

Some time ago, I sewed a mini-backpack that was loosely based on the mini-backpack I use regularly as a purse. I always meant to have another try, hoping to produce a mini-backpack that was more attractive, less floppy, and lined. Finally, here's attempt number two.

The denim mini-backpack.

I think it came out pretty well, despite some problems during sewing. In the photo, it is stuffed to make it look better, but it retains some shape even empty. For one thing, I used plastic "string" from the string trimmer (e.g. Weed Whacker) to give the back edge some stiffness.

I did try a lining this time, though I didn't line the entire inside. Ideally, the lining would have pockets. Maybe the next version will.

View of backpack lining.

The problems I ran into varied from the difficulty of dealing with heavy denim (thank goodness for the sewing machine with walking foot!) to problems with measurements to getting the adjustable strap hardware to work.

Some of these measurements are wrong.

That last problem had a lot to do with the straps being made of heavy denim. I couldn't figure out a way to make them without a thick ridge running down the strap somewhere. I have an idea for next time, though. I think I'll try folding the sides in and having them meet in the middle without actually sewing them to each other. There'll be a thin gap running down the center of the strap, but if I zigzag the sides together, maybe it won't be constantly bending in half.

The other thing I want to say about this bag is that it is mostly reused material. The denim came from old jeans, the lining from an old sheet, and the zipper was salvaged from one of those plastic zip bags that bedding and curtains often sold in. The plastic "string" was from our old string trimmer. The new materials were the strap hardware, some seam binding to encase the "string", and the iron-on crystals decorating the front.

Till next post.