Monday, January 11, 2021

The Subtle Beauties of Colorful Christmas Lights--reflections, refractions, and shadows.

Holographic glitter in electric candle


Reflections, refractions, shadows, and colored lights.

 The winter solstice has come and gone, and the daylight is getting longer. We've enjoyed the light of candles, holiday decorations, and (sometimes) fireworks. So today's post is just a look back at some of the interesting and beautiful effects that light can have.

Let's start with some reflected lights--but colored lights. 

Christmas lights reflected on gold wrap.

Christmas lights reflected on a metal hanging lamp.


Not only are colored lights beautiful, but their reflections are also beautiful and interesting. And then there are the interesting shadows they cast along with the reflections.

Christmas tree lights and shadows on ceiling.

Christmas tree lights and shadows on window shade.

 I like the light-and-shadow effects almost as much as I like the tree itself. Almost.

When I was young, "holographic" paper and foil was a very fancy and expensive item. I think I paid a dollar apiece for some postcards with a holographic coating as a teenager--I'm not sure what that equals in today's dollars. Today you can buy wrapping paper that is thin plastic with all sorts of nifty holographic effects, wrap gifts in it, and then throw it away. It's that cheap.

I don't tend to buy the holographic wrap because it doesn't fold neatly and doesn't tape as well as paper, but I do appreciate all the fabulous light effects available with holographic film. I have several electric candles filled with liquid and holographic glitter, and I find them mesmerizing. They also refract and reflect light in interesting ways.

Reflections from glitter-filled electric candle.

 More glitter-filled electric candle effects.

I deliberately cropped photos to emphasize the interesting light effects, but in case you want to see where they came from, here are some of the original photos.

 I also have some previous posts on light effects. 

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Reflecting on reflections: the stories inside the shine

Scented candles  (look at final photo)


Christmas present wrapped in textured gold wrapping paper.

Hanging metal lamp shade with circle reflecting colored lights.

Liquid filled electric candle with holographic glitter.

Till next post.

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